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Back from scotland! Had a fantastic time and saw a lot of Sir Fabulous T-shirts go to new owners!

In a sadder note I’ve decided to stop livestreaming for the time being- I’ll miss you all terribly and being able to talk to you in real time is fantastic but I’m getting tendon issues in my hand which means drawing so much in one go isn’t good for it.  On the plus side updates will be more regular from now on- with a backlog of comics you can expect to see them turn up every monday and wednesday like clockwork!

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Khaos Kreator

Slightly late due to having to chase TWO wasps out of my room!

Livestreaming for 2-3 hours!

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Khaos Kreator

Special tuesday post-glasgow livestream!

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Almost forgot to upload this- whoops! 

Just to remind people I’m off to Scotland MCM comic con in Glasgow this weekend- that means 1) you should come say hi if you’re in the area and 2) I’ll be driving back monday and it takes about 10 hours, so livestream is Tuesday instead!

All of the Shades of A kickstarter orders are finished, which means when I get back I’ll put all the left over books, badges and POOF PANTS up in the store so now everyone can grab it with their meaty hands. : D

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