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Not to say asexual people don’t have kids, it’s just less likely to happen by accident!

I don’t know about other people, but I remember what it was like for me when I realised ‘holy shit I DON’T have to have kids and my life can still be meaningful.’ Hollywood has a lot to answer for, but the assumption that happily ever after has to involve romance and children is a big one.

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Okay, so you polled and Madame Lucie won by a landslide so here’s the design! 

I’ll be making these up for London MCM comic con at the end of October, but if you want to preorder to guarantee your size check out the store over here:

If you can’t pre-order this month that’s cool- just let me know what sort of size you’re after if you would buy it and I’ll make sure to get a good range of them.

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Well, you asked for different colours so here you are!

ALL THE THINGS shirt now available in Sexy Aubergine and Tumbling Blue! 

Each T-shirt comes with 3 free badges (and you can buy more!) to mark off whatever labels you feel apply to you that day.

In OTHER NEWS London MCM Expo is coming up so as well as some t-shirt reprints I’m going to make a new minority monster T-shirt- but which one do you lot want the most?

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